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A dedicated draftboard that can be displayed on any monitor to view your league's picks.

Trade Picks

For the first time, you can make the same moves a GM makes on draft night, and trade up to get your player!


Real-time negotiation and banter among your managers.

How are we different?

Here Are A Few Reasons
  • iPad Team View
  • iPad Keeper
  • iPad Trade
  • iPhone Quick Pick
  • iPhone Keeper View
  • iPhone Trade

How are we different?

Here Are A Few Reasons

User Inspired Interface

When we built this app, the only thing we thought about was how could we make this the most feature-rich, user-focused app possible.

Keeper League Support

From the start, you can import your existing keeper list in to the league by assigning what round they will be selected in giving you full control over your fantasy dynasty!

Trade Picks

You're the GM. Trade up to get the #1 pick, or trade back to build your dynasty for years to come with our in-draft trading of current and future picks.

Additional Features

Just A Few More Reasons Why We Are Awesome

Bold Player Views

View every detail about the players you want to draft. You will be able to see important stats but also their vitals, including height, weight and college.

Online Backup

Your draft is backed up on our servers and we will send you a downloadable list of your draft to upload to your host of choice!


See the big board on any monitor! You have the ability to view all the picks as they happen through our website.

Come Check Us Out!

We've Got The War Room All Set Up For You

We have teamed up with St. Louis’ favorite sports bar, The Post Sports Bar & Grill. This season you can find us at both the¬†Maplewood and Creve Coeur locations. Register early for your spot to draft your team, they go quick!

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About Us

A Brief Look In To Our Start

theDraftNight started in 2012 with the vision of taking the offline draft, online. Three years later and with several new team members, theDraftNight has grown in to an app, podcast and a fantasy football website.


Web Interface

Use theDraftNight Anywhere!

In addition to the iPhone and iPad version of the app, we have a full feature web platform for you to draft your team, anywhere on any device. Visit the link below to be redirected to our online portal for theDraftNight.

Let's Draft
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